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RiskMetrics API powered by WebServius wins Entrepreneurial Insurance Award

RiskMetrics, provider of data in the business insurance industry, has won the prestigious Entrepreneurial Insurance Award with Insurance360, its WebServius-powered API offering at the MarketScout Annual Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium. The Alliance reviewed hundreds of nominations before selecting finalists which included solutions from LexisNexis, Risk Metrics, Vertafore, CNA, Insuritas and others in the technology category.

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Zacks Investment Research launches financial data API

Zacks Investment Research, a leading investment research firm based in Chicago, has launched the Zacks Data API on the WebServius API management platform. The API allows financial applications and websites to easily integrate with Zacks’ latest consensus data, including earnings estimates, revenue estimates, analyst recommendations, target prices, and long term growth rates for US and […]

Featured Self-Service API:

One of our most powerful features has always been the self-service capability for API providers. It can be used to turn any algorithmic functionality (such as image processing, text processing and more) into an instant revenue source. All you need to do is create an API wrapper around your particular functionality, create a WebServius account, […]

Data 2.0 Conference

On April 4, 2011, WebServius will be presenting at the Data 2.0 Conference in San Francisco ( The conference brings together experts on data analysis, distribution, visualization and more, and is an attempt to understand what the future holds now that more business, government and social data is accessible than ever before. In fact, Data […]

GoldenWare launches FlightLookup API

GoldenWare Travel Technologies has launched the FlightLookup API on the WebServius API management and monetization platform, allowing comprehensive airline flight data to be easily integrated into apps and websites. The API provides information on flight schedules, airport timetables, flight metadata, codeshare information, flight routing and airport terminal information for commercial airline flights. A free trial is […]

Data monetization solutions: build or buy?

Our CTO has recently answered an important question on Quora about build-vs-buy for data monetization solutions and we thought it was worth repeating here: Monetizing data is a difficult technological and operational challenge. If your goal is to unlock your data’s full revenue potential, you need to be able to reach all possible data buyers […]

WebServius highlighted in Wells Fargo report on tech trends

Wells Fargo Securities (investment banking and capital markets arm of Wells Fargo) has released an equity research report titled Tech 2011: The Shape of Things to Come (PDF), which identifies the top ten industry-shaping ideas impacting the tech sector. The report focuses on the ongoing technological disruption in both consumer and enterprise markets – with major structural […]

WebServius featured as Amazon AWS Case Study

We were recently featured as an Amazon Web Services Case Study (as well as on Jeff Barr’s blog), which highlighted our integration with Amazon’s SimpleDB service and the potential for new revenue it unlocks for owners of valuable data. Using the WebServius management and monetization platform, any data stored in SimpleDB can be securely exposed as both a […]

Introducing the Data Download Tool

Our primary mission is to allow data vendors to increase revenue by selling data in powerful new ways. So far, we have done this by enabling vendors to easily expose their data to application developers through on-demand APIs. However, an equally important scenario is selling data to business end-users, and we are proud to announce […]

Customer spotlight: WiseTrend OCR

Powered by the WebServius API management and monetization platform, WiseTrend’s OCR Cloud 2.0 API is the easiest way for developers to integrate with OCR functionality without any up-front costs or commitment. Unlike some other OCR APIs, it’s based on the extremely powerful ABBYY engine, capable of recognizing even low-quality images (such as those from mobile […]